Maybe I’ll find myself…

So coming to terms with an unexpected Gap Year…

Initially my fears were ‘being left behind’ and forgotten by my friends as they made new friends at uni, actually I think that was my only fear with a gap year. But I then came to think that isn’t a good enough reason to just go to uni and do a course you didn’t really want to do, to ultimately ensure you had a good social life. (Also if they’re as great friends as I think they are, then they’ll keep in contact!)

The only thing I could do was make the most of it, and now at the beginning of the gap year, I’m really excited! I think the main problem at the beginning is that a year seems like such a long time, and with nothing planned it will be. However, once you get planning you start to wish the year was longer!

At the beginning of the summer holidays I started looking for jobs in my local hospital and got interviewed for a volunteer position which I was successful in. Then I was elated when I found a role of a band 2 healthcare assistant, which I applied for and was short listed. The process involved a literacy and numeracy test followed by an interview, then filling out paperwork until your hands hurt. As you might have guessed, I got the job! I was so happy and I found out the day before results which made me less nervous. No matter what I had achieved, I had a job that didn’t depend on results. With results being sufficient for Medicine, and having a job in a related field, I felt happy that my application would be stronger than last years.

My plan now is to focus on my UKCAT and personal statement. After, I will start looking into where my travels can take me during the year. With the Medicine application being lengthy, I only have 3 months to travel in which could be a blessing in disguise! More money for Archers and Lemonade whilst at Uni!

Now I’ve had the time to reflect on taking a Gap Year, I really do think it is difficult to comprehend at first, but once you ensure you plan it and fill the year with things you want to do, not what you think is expected of you as you’ll just end up clinically depressed (OK that’s a bit of an exaggeration) it gets exciting! Also, as ‘young one’ I get a bit of time to complete little things that most people who are older in the year have been able to do. Yeah, so use the year to complete mini personal goals that uni would take away from you just due to lack of time. For me, it’s learning to drive!

You get to be a student and experience the best parts of student life through visiting your friends, they’ll be envious of you, and become a part of the exclusive Gap Yah club (I also really didn’t want to be stereotyped by taking this year out!)

Who knows, maybe ‘I’ll find myself!’


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