Saying goodbye

It’s now that time in the year where friends are starting to head off to uni. I envisage this being the hardest part of the gap year, as this is probably the time when feeling left behind is most likely to occur. So be prepared for many of these posts for a while!

Yesterday, after a horrendous driving lesson (for some reason I can not co-ordinate the brake and clutch! Having danced for many years to a competitive level, you would have thought co-ordination comes naturally, but I guess not!) I dropped by a friend’s house who is going  to uni in Scotland tomorrow. (In relation to where we live, Scotland is  light years away) It was great fun, but cut short by my need to do UKCAT revision (another reason why I dislike the UKCAT creator!) Inevitably came ‘the goodbye’ which I had been dreading because I’m quite bad/awkward with goodbyes, but it wasn’t too bad/awkward (or maybe my judgement is wrong haha!)  I think by talking about when we would next see each other made things easier as you focus on that rather than not seeing the person for a while – so I recommend that to fellow Gap Yearers!

‘Twinny’ is also going to the same university as my aforementioned friend tomorrow, which in terms of visiting is excellent! I’m yet to say goodbye , which is occurring this evening over dinner, but as you can probably tell by this friends pseudonym it may be challenging – I’ll let you know how it goes…

As for my other friends, goodbye isn’t as imminent as they begin university quite late compared to the Scottish folk. This is quite nice to have as it gives me time to gradually adjust to being at home without them (how selfish!) – so make sure your friends go to a wide range of uni’s!!

p.s. In an attempt to publicise this blog more, I gave the address to friends who are mentioned in, and now read the blog! I found it really difficult to write this post because I was more conscious of the reader (English lit AS coming through), and I don’t want to come across ‘cheesy’ but still would like to be honest. So I apologise in advance for brief descriptions/a change in my writing style until I get used to this!

Hmm an alternative could be that these friends of mine could stop reading it (you know who you are!), but knowing them though it wont happen!


One thought on “Saying goodbye

  1. As if we’ll ever stop reading!!! This is is a new insight into your life like no other and I love reading it 😀

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