See you later!

Last night a few friends and I went to a lovely Italian restaurant in town for a nice civilized send off for ‘twinny’. It was such good fun, and I realised that we really hadn’t matured from our year 8 selves when we first went to restaurants as we were still the loudest table in the place! We had a good giggle reminiscing on the many funny events that have occurred during our friendships.

It was like a mash up of celebrations, as we were there for ‘twinny’ leaving and ‘oxford’s’ birthday! (guess what uni ‘oxford’ is going to?!) I had butterfly king prawns to start followed by fetuccini verdure which was a bit of a let down but still edible! Then we surprised ‘oxford’ with her birthday cake which was lovely mmmm pure chocolate with extra chocolate!

Then came the bit we were all (well I) was dreading, so much so that I delayed leaving the table hahaha. I was off to my aunts house straight after the meal so had to say goodbye to ‘twinny’ there and then! In my fine style I said something along the lines of this “Ok I’m really bad with goodbye’s coz what do you say? Just goodbye, *then I pretended to walk away*” but after this we had a nice hug then I ran to my Mum’s car which was waiting before it got to the stage where I started crying (which I have vowed to give up unless there are extenuating circumstances). Do you know what? I was sooo proud of myself for not crying, it’s like another milestone that maybe I should include on my personal statement haha.

So I am now writing this at my aunts house, but it doesn’t really feel like a goodbye in the slightest – definitely a see you later which is justified in that we haven’t stopped texting/talking on facebook since I said ‘goodbye’.

Isn’t it just typical that when ‘twinny’ is off to uni we both have great drama that we would usually discuss at length over lunch at mine or hers, but now have to go through text! I think ‘twinny’ wins the world record for the most number of texts you can send a person in an hour hahaha!

until next time…


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