Inspire a generation!

After watching the paralympic closing ceremony yesterday, I had this overwhelming sense of pride to be British. I did have my doubts about London 2012 which were fed in the earlier stages, but we did it! It was a success and no doubt the best olympics/paralympics I have ever witnessed. It had a different vibe about  it compared to the others!

No doubt my feelings towards the paralympics closing ceremony are biased as my favourite band in the whole wide world, universe and galaxy were playing; Coldplay! These guys are just amazing. I’ve seen them live and I just wish I was in London to feel the electric atmosphere they create when on stage! I mean, I felt it through the TV!!

Now I seem to have diverged from talking about Medicine, to ‘a day in the life of’, but this post has some relevance!

‘Inspire a generation’ appears throughout the UK at the moment and I think if anything London 2012 has definitely inspired myself. The sheer determination athletes possess and their ability to perform regardless of their disability has inspired me to never give up in my desire to become a doctor! These athletes have overcome their own obstacles to get to London 2012, so I can overcome mine to get to medical school and beyond.

Maybe I’ll inspire a generation through this blog and other means…. in my dreams… but my dreams will become my reality in more ways than one.

At the moment I am 4 days away from my UKCAT so blogging will take a back seat until I have sat the exam. I am already planning to write posts on work experience, preparing for the UKCAT and a more topical one for me at the moment on dealing with friends at freshers. Maybe even one on a personal statement but that may in the more distant future!

Is there anything that you would like me to touch upon? Let me know!

Until next time…


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