Friends at Freshers

This will be a nice and easy post!

For me, it really isn’t that hard…as cruel as that may sound it’s not. It doesn’t really feel like they’ve gone away, just like it’s the summer holidays! Also we didn’t really change the amount we communicated so nothing really seems to have changed except you just cant drop by their houses or go out with them – but you can still go out! I mean there will surely be one other person that stays at home or goes to uni at home so its not really that lonely at all, which was my biggest fear!

Also because the application for medical school comes around so quickly you don’t really have time to miss anyone because you’re (well, I’m) so busy and stressed with getting that done that sometimes you can’t even see people that are still at home. Then you’ll be preoccupied with waiting for interviews and time just flies and it’ll be Christmas, and they’ll be back! Also I should be starting work soon in the hospital, with night shifts and everything I’ll probably be too preoccupied with trying to get some sleep that I don’t have time to think about it.

The only thing that I wish is that I was going to uni because it looks like so much fun! But I always think back to why I want to be a doctor and going travelling this year which I can’t wait to do. There will be these moments but I never found that they were prolonged at all!

So that’s my short blunt guide to dealing with friends at freshers haha!


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