Some People!

Sorry about the massive gap between posts but I think it’s just inevitable! I did post yesterday and spent an hour and a half writing it out on my iPhone but then it decided to delete it so I lost patience and thought I’d write from my laptop in future, its more reliable.

I was pretty stressed when I wrote it so I’ll quickly summarise because I’m significantly less stressed now! Basically I was having difficulty in deciding where to apply to medical school this year because it’s a hard decision and made even harder when you’re applying with the fear of being rejected again 4 times. Do I choose based on the best chance I have to get in, or choose based on the place I most would like to go to? Finding a balance between the two is difficult. And when I asked a teacher at school for what should have been support, they replied with “well how much do you want to be a doctor?” This frustrated me mildly as not only did they accuse me of getting my mum to write my personal statement but then go on to say this. I mean I’m not going through all of this again for fun! And I don’t think by choosing a medical school that you’d like to go to for potentially 6 years makes you want to be a doctor any less than the next person! Gah, and regards to my mum writing my personal statement.. NO SHE DID NOT! She still hasn’t read last years because I didn’t want her to!.. tsk some people! – wouldn’t you keep that to yourself if you even thought that??

In all of this stress I have managed to get the list of medical schools from 12 to 6 so just need to remove two more from the list. Also I have begun to rekindle my love of music – I think it’s a coping mechanism (good to know now, because I’ll probably be making a lot of use of it in the future!). I’m not really a fan of Ed Sheeran usually but listening to his live iTunes set really converted me to a fan, he’s so good live! Also Emeli Sande has an incredible voice, so controlled and just musical, great!! 9.48 is my favourite part, hahah guess why?! I then listened to 5 mins of the one direction set…* tumble weed*…enough said!

OK back to medicine! The main body of my personal statement is nearly there then I need to sort out the hook/anchor then I’m ready to rock and roll! It all needs to be done by 15th October but I’m going to aim for the 5th and then let you know more about how I did it!

Until next time…


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