A decision has been made!

I have finally decided where to apply to medical school this year! It has taken me nearly a month, but I’ve got there. As this is the internet I wont say where but just describe them in relation to where I am geographically. In order of preference:

A western medical school which is really quaint, and I think is in a great own/city with lots to do and is safe!
A northern medical school which is a bustling place with a great atmosphere and also a place where I applied last year! This one is my wild card and riskiest choice – still subject to probation because I’m not sure whether to take the risk or not..
A southern medical school which has a real family feel about it, it’s just lovely and I’d be happy going there
A northern medical school which is not in the best of places but is an insurance choice of medical school.
I have also applied for a northern 5th subject that has the option of transferring in year 3 to year 2 of medicine in a lovely city!

So I have done it, and hopefully my fate will be better this time! I’m really excited about applying but I’ve just got to get this damned personal statement finished! Thankfully my step-mum is a headteacher so I’ve passed it onto her to cast an eye over it and to suggest any improvements!

Also my CRB check has returned so hopefully I’ll be starting in the hospital soon!

Until next time….



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