Some light reading!

A short post today but look at what’s just arrived!! ‘Trust me I’m a Junior Doctor’ and ‘Medical Ethics: A very short introduction’. After a gruelling jog in the rain, the delivery of these was somewhat  rewarding. I can’t wait to start reading them, maybe I’ll do a review… although I’m quite bad at finishing books, I’m yet to […]

It’s that time of year again…

It’s sort of got to that time of year again where Facebook’s news feed is filling up with more and more people posting a status of ‘WOOOO!! JUST GOT AN OFFER FROM ‘X’ UNI’, and the long wait for medicine applicants has just begun. Last year I found this made me even more eager and inpatient to hear […]

What does this Unireq?

Now many of you may be thinking ‘what is this post about?’  But all will become clear! Unireq is an innovative website created by TSR’s Vulpes, a medical student studying at Sheffield University. I always say ‘apply to your strengths’ and this website can ultimately help you to do so. Unireq’s ‘program’ allows prospective […]

A week in the life…

I thought I’d experiment with a new style of posting (wild!)  – here it goes: MONDAY After a weekend away it was back to hectic Monday. Monday’s involve two thing usually, volunteering and a driving lesson but the time frame between them just never seems long enough to run errands so I’m always rushing! Driving […]