Too good to be true!

I knew it was too good to be true! So you know the ‘northern medical school which is a bustling place with a great atmosphere and also a place where I applied last year! The wild card and riskiest choice – still subject to probation because I was not sure whether to take the risk or not..’ well the teacher who accused my mum of writing my personal statement wife (sister’s, auntie’s, cousin….) who is a doctor doesn’t agree with this choice and would rather me apply to medical school that I applied to last year but did not particularly like! I think I will still apply to my more preferred one though as my chances are higher, and my only other option is where ‘twinny’ and ‘aforementioned friend’ (see saying goodbye post) go to uni – which would be good but I think take away from the uni experience as I’d always have them to fall back on and the course is a bit different with having to change medical school after year 3 – I’d have a week to choose where I’d study in years 4 to 6 which I don’t think is long enough to make an informed decision. Unless this medical school reply to my email with some life changing information, I think I’ll stay with my choices.

Blogging will be a lot more frequent now because my gap year has officially started! All of my friends are at uni now and I don’t really have anything pressing to do until I start at the hospital! So my days are filled with driving lessons, volunteering, pampering, shopping and refining my application to medical school! This is the life! It is nice not having any deadlines to work to but I think it has a shelf life, because I couldn’t do this for the whole year.. I’m starting to get bored of not stimulating my brain learning how to convert an carboxylic acid into an acyl chloride (PCl5), so I think some textbook reading may begin soon – you can never start too early!

ALSO ALSO ALSO! I’m starting to properly look at travel destinations so sun, sea, and sand also feature a lot in my thoughts … exciting!


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