I’l do a ‘proper’ post tomorrow, but today has literally been the craziest day ever (well, this week)

It first all of starts with my French friend (frenchie) returning from uni for the day which was a bit of a surprise and we decided to go to town together…random! I wasn’t expecting to see frenchie until Christmas, but it was a nice surprise though! Twinny and I have been in contact everyday bar one (her fault, not mine) since she went to uni and I gave her a quick call whilst in town for a ultra fast 24 hr update, not much to report! I then returned home to find my house had turned into some sort of catering firm as my granny was baking cakes, bread, cooking rice, curry, and all sorts for my cousins first birthday party. To be honest it was an excuse for the adults to get together and eat some good food! Anyway the house was in chaos. On the way there I happened to bump into my driving instructor … now if you’ve read previous posts, you’ll know how much I hate and how bad I am at driving – so I had to duck as discretely as possible.
*went to the party, had a good time*
Now in the time that Twinny and I hadn’t spoken approx 7 hours because I was at the family dinner/party, some major developments had occurred (no I cant tell you!) and literally typing has never felt so slow in my entire life!! I just want to scream out what is going on… but cant! My head hurts with wanting to tell but not being able to, I think I’m just going to have to go to bed and not think about it!

I know this is probably annoying to read because I haven’t given much away but I just had to vent somewhere hahaha! Anyway tomorrow I will be back onto the focus of Medicine for a personal statement post, until then…


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