The Box

Hello! Sorry this is a day late but I have been so busy so in the last couple of days that I actually tried to teach myself to type with my eyes shut, because I am so tired, with little success.

Sooo a quick update: I have completed my personal statement finally! Have completed my UCAS form, sent my UCAS form to school to await approval from my referee, have gone to my new place of work for a taster day, had a great driving lesson, and an ‘oh so hard day’  supervising young children whilst they visited the fire station – including listening to/watching the firemen…. swoon…

I was just about to do my personal statement guide but I think it deserves a post of its own, so for the rest of this post I shall talk to you about where I’m working. Some people have described it as a box I’d describe it as a sauna! So it’s an escalation ward which means its hectic…really busy! I think this is great because it will minimise the awkward ‘what shall I do now moments’ and keep me on my toes! I’m really excited abut starting and everyone working on the ward seems really nice and lovely… especially the boss!

There is also someone my age working too which is great, and also I can do night shifts!!! Which in a weird way, I cant wait to do! My only problem is the early shift as it starts at 7am which in UK winter time means it will be really dark on my way to work – I HATE walking alone in the dark so I’m not sure what will happen there…

The only downside of all of this is that I can’t go to Scotland to see ‘twinny’ and ‘aforementioned friend’ until they come back at Christmas unless I go within this month which is most likely to be expensive as it’s such short notice 😦 Maybe we’ll have to meet in a half way place for a day trip/weekend (what do you think  Twinny?)

On to my the guide to a rocking (in my eyes) personal statement!


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