“Time to get funky”

After I came back from my weekend away, I found a present on my bed from my mum. At first glance I was like ‘what on earth are these?’ but I love them now!

Are you ready for this?!


Yes, that’s right… diamanté headphones! I thought they were a bit Essex, but it actually feels like you’re in a nightclub when you put them on, they really bring out the bass! I feel like a DJ, they really live up to the caption “time to get funky” repeatedly written on the packaging! So now, I wear them at any available opportunity, using my phone, listening to a YouTube video, iTunes.  I’m yet to set foot outside my house wearing them. I think I’ll need a lot of convincing to do so!

To top it off, I just saw in Mum’s room that she has matching black ones, which I would happily wear in public, a bit less obvious then these ones. But I still love them! Even enough to blog about them hahaha!

Until next time…


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