A week in the life…

I thought I’d experiment with a new style of posting (wild!)  – here it goes:

After a weekend away it was back to hectic Monday. Monday’s involve two thing usually, volunteering and a driving lesson but the time frame between them just never seems long enough to run errands so I’m always rushing! Driving today was a success. Although I stalled for the first time, I didn’t panic when it happened or scream or nearly cry, SUCCESS!! I drove for the entire lesson and actually enjoyed it, except it seemed every lorry in the UK seemed to get in my way!!  Volunteering was cancelled tonight so I had some time to just relax, I can’t remember what I did, oh yeah I actually cooked a proper meal by myself that was edible for the first time! Pasta and bolognese sauce with added sweetcorn (best vegetable ever!!) Oh and lots of cheese on top!! It was yummy!!! This evening Made in Chelsea, a tv show, started again so had to be downstairs at 10pm sharp to watch it!!
Today I had a bit of a down day because I didn’t really have anything planned so I wallowed in self-pity and got consumed by the thought that my whole gap year was going to be like this. I have an eBay and Amazon business selling books and revision notes so had to ship some thing s off to buyers at the post office, which I’ve become a pro at! I had more of my favourite pasta and read a really good medic blog by a medicine re applicant on a gap year http://beginningagainmorewisely.blogspot.co.uk/ . It was really nice as she seemed to feel like I was today for quite a while until she started working which made me feel better as it seemed normal to have down days. One piece of advice which I think is great is at the beginning of a Gap Year you have thoughts that its going to be the best thing ever but it feels like it  isn’t because you don’t actually have any purpose and could stay in bed all day without any consequences and you’re waiting for things to happen i.e job! So it’s important to think in the short-term rather than long-term which I’ve been doing and it really helps. I plan day by day and look forward to little things like getting my hair done at the weekend! This keeps you going until the gap year is in full swing!

Today was a good day! After packing away the food shopping that was delivered in the morning, I spent the day doing some light preparation for potential interviews, and really enjoyed it. Medical ethics and law is something that I find fascinating so the day went really quickly as I was reading GMC guidelines to many scenarios. Doctors have to tread a very fine line when making some decisions I’ve noticed and have to take into account so much! (I know what I mean here, but haven’t explained it well. It will probably take a day to delve into it all but this is an example http://adc.bmj.com/content/90/7/715.full ) I’ve also ordered a few books on medical ethics because I really love reading about it! This evening TOWIE was on tv so sat down and watched that with the fam (I’m not ashamed to say that I love rubbish tv, it’s just entertaining! )

Today I was worried that it’d be another Tuesday but it was in fact the best day of my week! So I got a call from a friend to go shopping which I said I’d decide about later which I’m glad I said because another friend called and asked whether I wanted to go to Zumba! I would usually say no because I’m quite lazy and hate exercise but I’ve decided to say yes to more and take up more opportunities and it was soooo much fun!!! Really made me smile and after exercise you feel refreshed, refreshed enough to go for a jog with your brother around the block and nearly faint when you get back home!! After my exercise fest I decided not to go shopping and just do something next Wednesday with this friend. I think the thing with this day that made it so good, is that I realised that I still have friends around that I can do stuff with, although not my closest friends, but still people willing to invite me to things so that perked me up! Today Waterloo Road and the Choir was on tv, I love the choir and have decided to join one at uni! (PS I don’t watch loads of TV hahaha, considering I theoretically having nothing to do for 24hrs a day, 2hrs a day maximum is less than 1o% of a day spent watching tv! )

Today I received the contract for my Job, its soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring to read, they attached things about taxes and pensions and all sorts. I’ve read it now, but I decided to let my mum read it and paraphrase everything to me because I don’t really understand how a pension relates to me now let alone in the future! Today I also planned to spend a day in town searching for good travelling deals next week!

Today I got my hair done so its sleek and straight and glossy, Pantene PRO V esque! Today was family day so as per usual my house was full with family members. We have an early dinner and watch rubbish Saturday tv followed by late night fish and chips together amongst random discussions! This week it was our family history – I now know my great-grandfather was a lecturer and really tall…

Today was a usual lazy Sunday waiting for the roast dinner to be cooked, still isn’t now! I’ve done lots of blogging today and draft blogs which will be up soon!  The week ahead is a very busy one which is exciting! Time is flying and I’ve got so much to plan and do before my time is taken up by tiredness and working!

Until next time…


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