What does this Unireq?

Now many of you may be thinking ‘what is this post about?’  But all will become clear!


Unireq is an innovative website created by TSR’s Vulpes, a medical student studying at Sheffield University. I always say ‘apply to your strengths’ and this website can ultimately help you to do so.

Unireq’s ‘program’ allows prospective medical students to enter their academic record into what can be described as ‘a medical school search engine’ which encompasses, GCSE’s, admissions tests, AS/A2 grades, resulting in an extensive table pointing out where you are eligible to apply to medical school and if not, most importantly, why?!

Unireq is great in that it caters for both graduate, undergraduate and those applying with the International Baccalaureate (IB) to Medicine, and also Law, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, and Politics students. There even seems to be plans to widen this through the nice message on the course search page: ‘Please note that all search results have been logged in order to investigate the demand for courses that have not yet been implemented.’ The future is looking bright for prospective applicants of other courses!

It even has a Personal Statement analysis feature!

The actual website itself is easy to navigate (and for a technologically incompetent person like me to say that, it really must be!) Obviously I  had to investigate the medicine features further and it is 99% accurate. Only one box was inaccurate for me which ‘Vulpes’ has been made aware of and is currently tweaking as I type! After asking some people to also have a look at Unireq they suggested if anything were to be improved, it would be the inclusion of Scottish and Irish qualifications, and also whether modular resits are allowed by the university. Although it must be remembered that Unireq is not a replacement for university websites, more of a tool that should work alongside them. So most of these improvements could be found after a little bit of research into the actual university by the prospective student themselves.
Personally I think Unireq is exactly what prospective applicants to any course need and would have saved me a lot of time last year!
This quote sums up Unireq for me: “I think it’s gooood! A quick way of finding out where you should properly look into, but it’s obviously not a definitive guide.”
Until next time…

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