It’s that time of year again…

It’s sort of got to that time of year again where Facebook’s news feed is filling up with more and more people posting a status of ‘WOOOO!! JUST GOT AN OFFER FROM ‘X’ UNI’, and the long wait for medicine applicants has just begun. Last year I found this made me even more eager and inpatient to hear from my own uni’s, whereas this year I seem to be just rolling my eyes at each one that appears. I think I’ve become a bit cynical of the whole applying to university procedure!

At the moment it may not seem that much of a big deal, but when it gets to January and you’re still waiting to hear from universities it will start to grate! I think the best thing to do in this situation is not to get too disheartened, and I just think to when I get that offer how pleased and proud I will be as all my hard work will be worth it – think about how happy Charlie and his family (especially his grandad) were when he got a golden ticket, you’ll be THAT happy and more!!!  (Also think positive, it’s not ‘if’, it’s about ‘when’!!)

Other than that today has been a good day! Although I mounted the curb once, my driving lesson seemed like I was in control of the car and could actually drive! Also I found out that a cake sale that I did yesterday resulted in £76.60 being raised for a charity I volunteer for, I’m very pleased! My cakes went down a treat and considering it took me a whole day to refine and perfect my culinary skills, rightly so!

Cast your eyes over these 😛

Until next time…


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