Speed Read!

As much as this may be a surprise to you, it is also a surprise to me!

I finished reading ‘Trust me, I’m a Junior Doctor!’ this morning – less than 24 hours after I received the book! I rarely finish books, let alone this quickly and I think this was an exception because it was such a good read or maybe it was a means of procrastination when faced with a messy room waiting to be tidied, or the result of my speed reading practice for the UKCAT… Pathos may be a bit of an overstatement, but I definitely got attached to the ‘characters’ and at the end felt a sense of pride over the achievements of Max and his counterparts!

I keep trying to explain why it’s such a good book but keep deleting what I’ve written. You’ve just got to read it yourself! If anyone has read ‘In the mind’s eye’ by Oliver Saks, the structure of Pemberton’s book is very similar, but somehow I still haven’t progressed further than the second chapter of Saks’. I think the difference between the two is that Pemberton’s is more personal and engaged me from the offset unlike Saks’. However, I may think differently if I persevere with Saks’ which I will do… after I’ve read medical ethics book! I also need to finish reading ‘Bad Science’, and then I think that will complete all of my outstanding books that need to be read.

I’ve also ordered the sequel to ‘Trust me, I’m a Junior Doctor!’ and an interview book, so I’m going to become a bookworm over the next few weeks!

Today has mainly been an admin type day trying to chase letters of confirmation of work experience etc. I would advise that you ensure you get these letters immediately after the experience. I thought a copy of the email confirmation would be suffice but medical school’s would like confirmation on ‘signed, headed paper’ which is difficult when one doctor is out of office until 2013 and another out of office at the moment…

I realise that I’ve been blogging loads lately but I’m afraid I will have to slow down, as I start work soon. Having said that I will try to blog at least once a week when I do start work.

Until next time…


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