So in the last post I ‘subtly’ asked you to share this blog with 6 people! The response was almost instant especially by those of you in the USA which has helped me reach…. 500 VIEWS!!! Thank you so much – I can’t believe it! In less than 3 months 500 people have taken the […]

“Hello, HCA speaking…”

So I’m officially a working member of the NHS! No more observing, letting someone else deal with the issue. I’m now on the front-line of healthcare and from what I’ve experienced so far, I really enjoy it! OK, so I don’t know where to find anything, what needs doing, or when it needs doing. But if someone puts me on the […]


Yes, I did. I did go and watch a Coldplay concert in the cinema!! It was soooooooooooooooo good, seriously brought back all the feelings of when I was at their live show! To even think that I was debating not to go as I was so tired from work, and it’s only been two days! […]