#30 and Cambers 2k12!

Hello! Sorry for the silence of late, but can you believe this is my 30th post?!.. No, nor can I! I was going to do a week in the life post, but then I just thought why don’t I cut to the chase and tell you about the highlight of my week/gap yah thus far.

I went and visited my ‘editing a novel’ friend at the University of Cambridge. It was so much fun! I haven’t seen this friend in 5 weeks and once we were reunited it didn’t even feel like we hadn’t seen each other in so long, as we returned, almost immediately, to our mischievous ways with ‘twinny’ seeming to be the target via Skype.

Cambridge is lovely, such a nice city with a plethora (one of my fave words that I never get to use :P) of cyclists. If I got a pound for the number of bikes I saw during my visit then I would be a very rich young lady! They (the bikes) were more of a danger than cars when crossing the roads as they came at such speed – I mean signs specifically said ‘cyclists stop when red light is shown’ which I found quite funny!

On my first day we explored the city, caught up on some gossip, went shopping ‘student style’ in Sainsburys, and toured my friend’s specific college! It was so funny watching each student wander the aisles of Sainsbury’s confused by the task of picking up the best deal! We even started playing ‘guess what they’re making’ game using the products found in the shopping basket. This for me could be a new career path. One guy bought the entire supply of basic vodka (no seriously, there was none left for us to buy 😦 ) and we were wondering what he could do with so much of a strong spirit. Then we saw him in the sweet isle and I was like ‘Ive got it! Skittles vodka!!

Any hoo. When night falls, Cambridge turns wild! We went clubbing and when I tell you its was a crazy night, I mean it was a crazy night! Music booming, people dancing, and lets just say the male students were quite ‘forward’ particularly the ‘Caiusmen’…

Only in Cambridge could I be found playing Coldplay’s clocks riff on a piano on a bridge at 2am, proceeded by a rendition of Les Miserables to keep us distracted from the bitter cold of the Siberian winds! It was not sufficient in protecting me from developing the dreadful ‘cold’ I seem to be suffering from now 😦

The next day I was going home but we still managed to take some pics around the college and I experienced a meal in the buttery, mmmm.

Everyone I met in Cambers was so lovely and I would definitely recommend fellow Gap Yahers to visit friends at uni. Not only is it nice to see them but it gave me an idea of what I have to look forward to at uni (including the work…),and made me so excited to go. I suppose it was a motivation booster in the long wait of a medical school application.

I can’t wait for the next stop on my Uni Tour!

Until next time…


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