Foodie week!

Hello!  This week has been so much fun – It’s my last week of complete freedom as I start work this Monday, eeek!!

Today I met up with some friends, and we went for a Nando’s. Nando’s never disappoints, I mean although I must have consumed my body weight in food it was worth it! I use their loyalty card so redeemed a free HALF chicken and ordered mashed potato as my side, as I thought it would be less filling than chips. If you’ve never been to Nando’s, where have you been?????, I mean they even have a branch in Fiji!! (If there isn’t a branch in your country of residence then you can be excused :P) mmmmm Nando’s! Today also was my last day volunteering with a child at Brownies, aka girl guides, which was sad as she was very upset when I had to leave 😦 I have really enjoyed volunteering with her but can no longer fit it into the unpredictability of hospital work.

Today I had a driving lesson, not my best, not my worst! When doing medicine interview preparation today I lacked motivation and thought, ‘If  I had an interview offer I’d feel more obliged to do this’. So I check my emails and BAM!! ‘We are writing to let you know that your interview date will be sent out shortly’ WAHOOOOOO!!!!!! First ever medicine interview!! Already more successful than last years application! I was sooo happy that I may have even shed a tear out of pure happiness and joy! As I said to ‘twinny’ this acknowledgement makes this whole gap year seem worth it and was the motivation that I needed! YIPEEEE!!

Today was a bit of a manic day. I think the excitement of the interview ‘thingy’ (it’s not an offer yet!) had a lasting impact. I ended up accidently having too many vaccinations at the doctors surgery due to an administration error, so my arm ached all day unnecessarily, tsssk! Thankfully there was no harm in this happening though. Then after running some errands, in the evening I went for a lovely meal in a pub with a friend where I ate to my hearts content as a celebration of the interview ‘thingy.’ I had my favourite of gammon egg and chips, and sticky toffee pudding for dessert! This week has been a ‘foodie’ week but, hey #YOLO!

Today I mainly spent planning gap year travels with ‘travel buddy’ where we made some progress!

So to my surprise, a friend who I haven’t seen in 3 months came back home and I spent the day with her! We had 3 months of catching up to do, so went for a coffee and chat in Costa! This continued when she came over to my house where we refined our culinary skills through cooking pasta with ready made sauce! It was lovely seeing her and so good to know everything has been going well because she is not the best at keeping in contact with people. I think I heard from her maybe twice during these months!!

This week has been really good! The only thing though is that I should be in Scotland visiting ‘twinny’ and ‘aforementioned friend’  this weekend but due to work I had to give it a miss 😦 Just have to wait until Christmas to see them both. I plan on chillaxing this weekend, and doing any things that need to be done so I can begin work without worrying about the bomb site of a room that I’ll return too!

Until next time…


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