Yes, I did. I did go and watch a Coldplay concert in the cinema!! It was soooooooooooooooo good, seriously brought back all the feelings of when I was at their live show!

To even think that I was debating not to go as I was so tired from work, and it’s only been two days! Two days of induction, listening to presentations from various specialities whilst taking notes, enthralling!

AHHHHH COLDPLAY!!!!!!!! This is somewhat turning into a shrine for Coldplay! But seriously these guys are amazing! And seeing the snippets of behind the scenes footage made it seem like I was an inside member of the band, sooooooooooo goood!!! I even brought my xylobands to the cinema to show that I was a ‘coldplayer’, although much to my disappointment they didn’t light 😦 I am determined to see them live once more before the end of the Gap Year!!! So if anyone hears of any tour dates in the UK or close European countries, let me know! (Yes, I am willing to go abroad to see them ❤ Coldplay!!!)

Also this was the first time I’ve been to the cinema in approximately 5 years, and was well worth it! I think the Great Gatsby will be the next thing I see on the big screen! The trailer that played before the spectacle that was Coldplay looked great! I loved reading the Gatsby and the original film so hopefully the new one will do it justice!

Until next time…


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