I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry…

Hello! Yesterday was absolutely crazy at work – it seemed so dramatic and I was involved in a slightly embarrassing incident!

The day started well, I was fed and watered, and on time to work! Handover was slightly awkward in that it was half an hour late, and as the staff are all quite new, in true British fashion, no one wanted to start conversation so instead we sat in silence pretending we were engrossed by the paint on a wall of the handover room.

Handover had finished and it was onto the ward! Chaos! The early shift were short staffed so hadn’t done the obs meaning we had to do them (extra work for late shift!) Then we had a patient trying to escape, threatening to call the police and take us to court because they wanted to go home – I felt so bad because although what we are doing IS in the patient’s BEST INTERESTS as they are definitely not ready to be discharged but you don’t want a patient to feel so uncomfortable that they want to call the police… even if they do suffer from dementia!

Next was the crash bell being set off, everyone running to the location only to find someone had accidently pressed it whilst using the loo… That may not seem like a big thing, but when you hear the bell you prepare yourself to do CPR, get the crash trolley, de fib, and a situation no one wants to be in. To find out it was a false alarm was a relief but, not annoying, but, what should I say? um,  not appreciated because you don’t really want too many false alarms when it is associated with such an emergency! (not sure I expressed that very well!)

Then, a particular patient had far too many visitors, approximately 5 times the limit! It seemed like they were having a party, singing, eating home cooked food they had brought in and all sorts! However, once we had ushered them out I went on my break. Now, on a Sunday everything shuts at 5pm in the UK but I forgot this as it felt like a Monday for me so went out of the ward looking forward to a nice sarnie, but yep, you guessed it, the shop was closed! So I then had to walk out of the hospital to the nearest petrol station (gas station) to get some crisps and chocolate to tie me over. Bearing in mind it was 8pm and I had started work at 1.30pm and hadn’t eaten since 12pm I wasn’t in the best of moods.

This did not help the situation that arose when I returned to the ward where the patient with a load of visitors beckoned me over to their bedside. I went over to see what was wrong, if anything. The patient then went on to ask for my name and number as their son wanted to know whether I had a boyfriend… um what?! I seriously didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! All of a sudden I felt really hot and embarrassed and wanted the ground to swallow me up! I declined as politely as I could in a way that asserted that what they had asked for was inappropriate. Also, scrubs with granny shoes and scraped back hair is not the most attractive look in the world so I was seriously surprised! I just hope the patient has been discharged or moved to another ward so I don’t have to come in contact with the son when I next work! I mean who goes through their parents anyway to get a number… grow a pair!! ahahaha

That was it for my crazy day, but one thing for sure is that I love my job!  Although I am still in the novelty phase, I am really enjoying it and am thinking of working for the whole year instead of travelling for parts of it as because I’m learning so much this way. Today my Dad said how proud he was of me that I’m ‘living my dream’ and how I should not let anything stop me which made me so happy because it’s not often he says things like this. I wouldn’t say I’m living my dream just yet but definitely living the path to it!

Until next time….

p.s. If you could all share this blog to 6 people, then I will have reached a milestone that I never intended on achieving when starting out this blog… all will be revealed!


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