a mix up

Sorry it’s been so long but I’ve been so busy with work, study days and preparing for my interview.

I think the last time I blogged I was going through a bit of a rough stage with work, but now I think I’m used to dealing with patients and my role so things are looking up!

Today I write at the end of an emotional shift where a patient was dying before my eyes. I felt so helpless but also frightened. I felt so bad that initially I was frightened to look at or touch the patient, but I think that was just initial shock as I was soon back to my normal ways. I think what really got me was the yellowy tinge in the skin combined with a rib cage so prominent it could have been an exoskeleton and noisy breathing. At this point in time, I was mainly concerned with the comfort of the patient and I think this is where I support the LCP. This patient was dying, wasn’t in their own personal space, but that of a hospital with constant monitoring. The LCP I think is good in the last days to ensure the patient dies in comfort without unnecessary intervention that has no beneficial outcome.

I do hope that this patient makes a miraculous recovery.

Onto something more cheery.. my BFFFFFFFFF (not boyfriend, best friend forever forever forever…) is coming home tomorrow! ‘twinny’/’triplet’ is coming back from scotland! even if her flight is cancelled, she will walk the length of britain to get home.. ain’t nothing stopping this reunion! seriously can’t wait – we haven’t seen each other since September!!! I’m so excited, and i just can’t hide it!

ok i mainly blogged as a debrief to my shift earlier this evening, but i’ll post again soon.. actually I’m not going to lie, approximately in a week after my interview, with a real good juicy update!

Until next time…


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