For too long, for too long!

Hello! So I haven’t posted in a very long while and I am sorry but I’ve been uber busy!

Work is going so much better, I really enjoy it… although I come home with the smell of bodily excretions still lingering in my nostrils. Seriously my sense of smell has heightened ridiculously, I pick up smells a dog wouldn’t even detect. I can’t even stand the smell of bacon any more as it reminds me of a rather unpleasant smell that accompanies a certain excretion…  Enough about poo, onto the sound of bells! It’s Christmas time and bells are ringing, literally. In the hosp bells mean you need to take some sort of action. So when I’m at home I immediately jump at any noise that sounds remarkably like a bell. Also, when someone asked for the time in a chip shop, I instantly looked for my fob watch forgetting I was in normal clothes and must have seemed like a right weirdo to her hahaha. Just a small sample of how the hospital is changing me as a person across the line towards  a chronically tired crazy woman.

Ok soo this week I had my interview at a grrrrreat medical school which I really loved, I loved loved loved it!  The interview itself was OK I think, I hope I got in. The day was so long, I arrived at 12 and my interview wasn’t until 5pm and all interviewees were in the same room for that entire time so every time a set of people came back I heard their debrief. Also I had been working everyday up until the interview so was slightly exhausted where my body clock had been alternating between late and early shifts. There was one pompous lad who was obviously attempting to psych everyone out, of course in my true style I ended up just laughing at him rather than with him. The first thing he said to me was ‘How are you feeling? Confident? Nervous? Arrogant?’ Um what?! He’s seriously going to be one of those douchebag boys that get on my nerves without even opening their mouths. I could tell you his whole life story and how he has a supposed advantage because he has an offer elsewhere and his family are top consultants in UK… NO ONE CARES!!!! Hhaahha but check this out… a guy that I work with who is also a HCA had an interview with me on the same day at the same time! Isn’t that spooky??

The day after was my schools presentation evening which I didn’t want to go to but am glad I did because it was so nice to see friends who had returned from uni. My ‘aforementioned friend  was back from Scotland as was a friend who goes to uni in north Wales. ‘Oxford’ ‘reading a novel friend’ and ‘Twinny’ had already returned. There were loads of funny moments with people tripping up and down steps onto the stage. I had the awkward moment where after I was presented with my award I assumed the hand shake would be brief but the guest speaker held on longer than anticipated and started conversation! I also got to speak to some of my old teachers which was nice, and we all went to the pub local to school for drinks afterwards which was social!

The next day I had work until 9.30 then two parties. One I attended still wearing my scrubs then I got changed and went to the other party which was good fun! Everyone was a lot more intoxicated than I expected but as I had work the next morning I was staying sober. Talking of which, I was so tired the next morning that I woke up 10mins before my shift started and was a walking zombie on the ward. I did so many stupid things and looked awful… Thank goodness the staff were loads more relaxed than usual as its near Christmas so we had ward tea and toast which was nice. That same evening I went out with my closest friends and boy did we party hard! It was such a good night! But can I ask something of the male species of clubbing age that may be reading this blog? The chances of a girl answering your weird questions you may have in the street whilst it’s raining are very slim, and your chances with this same girl after calling them a ‘slag’ for not answering your question are significantly reduced. So just leave it out! We tore up the dance floor  moves were flowing like water out a tap, it was a good night! We saw half of the band that was Blue and I bumped into a friend from work. It was so nice to just let my hair down… well strictly speaking it was in a top knot… and just dance! I loved it and it was so great to have everyone back together! I got home relatively early at 1.30am but realised I was only 4.5 hours away from being awake for 24hrs!! Isn’t that crazy?! The facebook pictures are out of this world, incredible!

Today I had a lie in, did my washing and then had to do ALL of my Christmas shopping in 2hrs. Needless to say that this didn’t happen and I only got presents for my immediate family. I’ll sort out the rest on boxing day. Did I tell you that I was working Christmas Day? I’m quite excited actually, I think the ward will be full of banter!

Tonight I am off to another party, it’s been like a mini freshers week for me! It’ll be an early night though as I’ve got work tomorrow and will not repeat my crazy self on Saturday morning!

I feel so Christmassy! My house is full of the smells of cakes, fresh bread and tarts being baked… love it! (I’ve been doing the mince pie challenge; eat at least one mince  pie a day from 1st December until Christmas Day, it’s my own advent calendar!)

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and hopefully there will not be such a large gap between my next posts!

Until next time…


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