Tonight we’re drinking from the bottle

Welcome to 2013!!! Happy New Year, and I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas!!

When I last wrote to you all I was just about to go to two friends’ joint birthday and Christmas party. It was a good night full of crazy antics which was refreshing after not going out in so long! I think I’ve seriously made up for lost time in these few weeks. My routine is Early shift, sleep for an hour then go out, or Late shift, go out then sleep the next day, or early shift, sleep for an hour then go out then get back by 12am for an early shift the next day! I’ve got it down to a ‘T’ hahha.

It’s been great having friend’s back home all we do is go out an eat some goood food! Our new favourite haunt  is a new burger restaurant that has opened up. It’s a lot more upmarket from your usual burger kings and McDo’s, think gourmet burgers which are soo tasty mmmm. By next week I think I will have been there 4 times! An Italian restaurant chain called Prezzo is also seeing us a lot! We went there recently and were so loud that they only put other customers in our area of the restaurant when we came to the end of our meal – they couldn’t get us out quick enough I don’t think! But look at the great desserts we had, I’ve really indulged in restaurant food over this holiday!
prezzo desserts!

So Christmas has been and gone, and my goodness me didn’t it go quickly! Christmas day for me was in two parts. The morning felt so christmassy and full of tradition but I was always aginst the clock as by 1.30 I had to leave for work! I thought the ward would be full of christmassy cheer but it wasn’t, a patient arrested and died as soon as my shift started so not the best start! Then to make matters worse we didn’t even receive a Christmas dinner, so I ate mine from home at like 10pm BAD MISTAKE digestion isn’t in it’s prime then ahaha!  Other than that the remainder of the festive period was great!

New Years next, and this is where the title of the blog comes in. Not only is it a lyric from my new favourite song, but I drank sooo much at New Years! Those of you that know me know I don’t really drink. I could see it going a bit pear shaped when the first thing I did on arrival was down (well, attempt to down) a jagerbomb. I succumbed to peer pressure, Then came shots of cider, smirnoff ice, archers and coke, and bucks fizz! I can envisage many of you laughing at this thinking ‘that’s not even real alcohol, you lightweight’ but seriously, all I have to do is sniff alcohol and I have a hangover! But it was a really good night. I was still buzzin’ the next morning despite the sandpaper feeling in my throat and bangin’ headache. I think the culmination of all the alcohol was definitely evident when I somehow managed to dance on top of a wine glass. jumping on it, it shattering beneath me and ricocheting off of my ankle. The ricochet was painful but no glass actually cut me, thankfully  otherwise I would have ended up in the hospital not just for work! ‘Reading a novel friend’ hosted this party and a good job she sure did!

On the medicine front, I’m still yet to hear from two universities and have an interview in a month at another and am waiting to hear the result of an interview I had just before Chrimbo, so fingers crossed!

Tomorrow I’m back at work after my two days off but work is really enjoyable, for more reasons than one… so I’ll update you on any funny stories from my crazy ward! The latest assault I’ve ensued is having a pot of jelly pelted at me, followed by a sectioned man threatening to stub his cigarette out on me, but all in a days work, eh!

P.S. Gap Years are great, and I think plans for travelling are under way albeit not my original plan, but I’m so excited!

Until next time…


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