Noro, oh no!

You may have guessed it from the title, but I succumbed to the downfall of working in a hospital. That’s right, Norovirus. I got it, had it and have been off work for nearly five days… the novelty is wearing off.

Here’s how events unfolded: I had the day off work on Friday and went out with friends to Nandos (you know how much I love this place!), Slug and Lettuce for prinks (that’s pre-drinks) and then to the awful club that is Yates’. Thank goodness the pre Yates’ part was good, so I wasn’t too bothered at how bad Yates’ would be. I mean because I was expecting it to be bad I was pleasantly surprised, but it still didn’t live up to my standards. I think though once you ignore the surroundings and just dance with your friends then it’s fine – it’s not where you go, it’s who you go with. I returned home at 1.30 am and had a dodgy feeling in my tummy but I put it down to being up late and having gone out. I mean I had the same thing I always have at Nandos and Lettuce, and I’m not the most adventurous eater so was surprised if it was food poisoning. Then at 4am I woke with a feeling as if I was being stabbed in my tummy. I thought my mother wouldn’t be best pleased if I woke her up to tell her at that hour so waited until she got up for work and she put it down to me being a teenager and over drinking (um no, so not me!) Then I was sick. A lot. Until 11pm that evening in fact. I bet she felt bad hahaha but somehow swung it back on to me as parents do. “You’re going out too much, running yourself down, see this is what happens”…

OK so I admit I have gone out a lot recently but my friends and I have been parted for 3 months in some cases so I think it’s only fair that we have some fun to make up for lost time, and I mean ‘Oxford’ and ‘Reading a novel friend’ have already returned to uni so my partying ways will soon become non existent for another 2 months. Anyhow back to the winter vomiting bug, it’s been confirmed in 8 people on the ward I work in so I am 80% sure it was that – not a fun weekend. At least I’ve caught up on the pile of washing growing in my room and finished the Pemberton book series, review to follow shortly!

Other than being ill this week has been lacking in things to tell you. Work is good although I’m starting to get frustrated with lazy nurses and the limits of being a HCA. buttt I think I’m going on course to learn how to do bloods and cannulas soon, sooo excited! (I’m aware I may sound like a weirdo vampire girl right now hahaha) This will be invaluable to have prior to medical school though as it takes a while to perfect!

I was meant to be continuing my uni tour on the weekend by visiting Oxford but noro got the better of me – hopefully I’ll rearrange the visit soon, and organise a date for seeing friends in Scotland!

And there is little to report on the medicine front at the moment hence why this is turning into diary of my, oh so very entertaining,  life. Still waiting to hear back from my December interview, and have another interview coming up in February!

Until next time…


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