Where does it hurt? to The Doctor will see you now


So after reading ‘Trust me I’m a Junior Doctor’, I was excited to read the, almost, sequels.

Now I think the first book had a  bit more excitement and vigour in the writing from the beginning whereas the other two were a bit slow to start. Maybe that reflects the progression of his medical career?  BUT they got better and at the end of ‘WDIH’ I felt quite proud of ‘Max’, as I felt that I had observed his journey to becoming more confident as a doctor. ‘TDWSYN’ again was slow in the beginning but I got into it and when I did, finished it within the day. The latter part of the book made laugh out loud, his writing has a light touch of comedy to it, as much as allowed considering some of the situations, and the ending made me think ‘Only Max…’

These are good reads and also indirectly sources of knowledge. I loved it when I recognised the symptoms of a ‘patient’ in one that I recently encountered on the ward and had diagnosed them before ‘Max’ did! I felt like ‘House’ hahha. OMG enough with the fictional Drs. I think my next set of books to read will be Sherlock Holmes and also some literary classics like Birdsong, which I’ve been dying to read for a while, to have a break from medicine 24/7.  I might read Gatsby again purely because it’s such a technically great book. I didn’t appreciate it or ‘get’ it at first, but after analysing it in lit – loved it. Usually it’s the opposite for me. I hope the film lives up to the book just this once, please!

Back to medicine: I would definitely recommend Pemberton’s books, they’re good reads!

Until next time…


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