‘On the night shift, the night shift’

I recently had my first ever night shift and it was an experience!

I had stayed up until 5am the night before and slept most of the day then was off to work at 8.40pm. When I arrived, a wave of tiredness came over me and all I had done was enter the handover room, I think it was just psychological.

So the night began and to be honest it was all smooth  sailing, I didn’t really feel that tired and limited the amount of coke I drunk because it would have stopped me going to sleep in the morning. We had two confused patients: one who was  foreign and refused to talk to us in English, so in a desperate plea to communicate, Google translate became my new acquaintance. Then another confused patient was trying to escape and go home so I found myself wheeling this patient out of the hospital for a cigarette at 3am in only MY SCRUBS, NO COAT!!! Then the patient  realised that they didn’t have a lighter!! We coudn’t get back inside the hospital as the swipe cards stop at night and the automatic doors were all shut (which I didn’t realise until then)  so we were stood outside in the cold whilst a nurse on the ward came to the rescue… thank goodness for mobiles eh!

Although I did try my hardest to sleep whilst on my break, it just wasn’t going to happen on sofas that have as much give as a plank of wood 😛 Also the same confused patient who wanted to smoke decided to come into the staff room whilst I was trying to sleep in an attempt to escape as they thought it was the exit so I was slightly startled!

When morning came, it seemed like time had flown, especially from 2am onwards but getting to midnight seems to take forever. It was a fun shift and I think I enjoy them, especially when patients in the morning ask when you’re next working because they like you. I think that’s always a good sign and nice to think that you’re appreciated 🙂

In I mainly thought, ‘why am I so alert?’ ‘Why do I feel like I could eat a horse?’ so I made myself some quick brekkie. I really fancied a full English but scrambled fried egg whites on toast had to do. Then all I remember was lying on my bed and when I woke again it was 3pm and roast dinner was ready which was very disorientating.


  • Stay up as late as possible the night before
  • Eat throughout the night
  • Don’t drink more than half a bottle of coke or a cup of coffee and don’t drink them past 2hrs until the shift ends
  • Keep busy and stay in well lit areas

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “‘On the night shift, the night shift’

    • Oh goodness, this was a while back so I can’t fully remember. But knowing me I probably lounged in bed all day then had two days off to recover then back to normal day working hours!

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