Round up!

Hello there, well I haven’t blogged in a while…

So when I last blogged I just came off of a night shift and decided to go to my Dad’s for some R and R. It was really good to have a change of scenery and what was even better was that I was able to catch up with an old school friend. I think when I started this blog I said that one of my worries with taking a gap year was that I’d lose contact with some friends. This hasn’t been the case at all, thanks to iMessage, facetime, skype and most other social thing created!

After a nice 5 days off  work I then went into 7 days of constant work. By the 7th I was so tired and typically I had to end on an early shift which meant I didn’t have a great nights sleep. I don’t know what it is but I just can’t sleep before an early shift, I know I need to go to bed early because I have to wake up early but my body just doesn’t agree with that concept! The benefit of working for extended shift patterns is that you really do get to know your patients. In particular there was a lady who had come out of a hip replacement surgery – she epitomised the stereotype of grandma: perfectly coiffed hair and pearl earrings, she was just so lovely. Although whilst coming around from the anaesthetic she was rather disruptive but when she recovered she couldn’t have been any more different. Also when she left for another ward she said I’d been ‘wonderful’ 🙂

As ever, there isn’t a shift that goes by without some sort of drama. This week it was a patient who attempted to run away from the hospital. People running away is a problem, especially if they have a cannula and other interventions insitu, which this patient did. This also, typically, happened at the end of my shift so guess who got home an hour later than usual and had an early shift in the morning… no it couldn’t have been me!

Two days ago, I had another interview for medical school. I didn’t feel as prepared as my last one as I was working everyday in the run up to it and it didn’t feel like it went too well. I think from the offset I sensed that would be the case. I missed the train, got told the ticket I bought wasn’t valid, and didn’t actually like the area of the uni itself. I did however love the medical school and it’s teaching hospital. The interview  can only be described as torturous: MMI 8 stations lasting  5 mins, a roleplay station and an array of  interviewing techniques ranging from overtly posh (felt like I was being interviewed by Prince Charles) to stand offish: tapping toes, heavy sighing, and being really curt with everything said. It was just stressful, pressurising, and intense, all that it was probably meant to be… Even so I have never wanted something to end so much in my life, and all that could console me laughable performance was a good old McDonalds!

At least I can say I’ve become more at ease with travelling alone, and it was nice to meet up with a friend who went to said school, but hey ho lets put it down as a learning experience.

When I got home, I realised it was Pancake Day which seemed a nice distraction from the interview! I had two, both lemon and sugar of course! Also this marked the beginning of lent and this year I’ve decided to not only give something up, but to take something on. I’ve given up swearing as I seemed to develop a potty mouth of late, and have taken on jogging at least weekly. This is in an attempt to increase my stamina so I can get back into dance, something I really want to do! I love love love Easter, I think more so than Christmas because for me and my family it has more tradition so I’m very excited, only 40 days left! oh bums,  just realised I’m working both Good Friday and Easter Sunday this year… oh no!

This weekend I am going out on the town! I’m quite excited and also slightly nervous because it’s not with my usual group of close-knit sensible friends. I’ve already been told I have to stay out past 1am for once ahaha, and have a fishbowl… This is not going to end well. From previous posts, you’ll know I’m not a big drinker and one bottle of strawberry cider is more than enough for my featherweight body! I suppose I need to get used to it for Freshers! Also this might be an excuse to go shopping, I haven’t bought a new going out outfit in a while…

I’ll let you know how it goes, until next time…

p.s. I listened to die young by Ke$ha throughout typing this so I hope some lyrics haven’t inadvertently made their way into the post! 🙂

♫ “I hear your heart beat to the beat of the drums…” ♫


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