#50 and Firmed!!

So on the 20th February 2013, I officially firmed my place to study next year! It felt so good and satisfying being able to cancel my other uni choices:

‘Are you sure you want to cancel this choice?’  *CLICKS YES* 

What a difference a year makes, eh? As if I’d even dream about withdrawing from schools this time last year…

Next step for me is student finance and maybe revisiting my chosen place to study to see the accommodation!! An en-suite is basically a necessity in my eyes haha

Other than that, I’ve been very busy I had a run of 7 day shifts then made a trip up to St Andrews to see two of my friends and then went straight back to work.  I’m starting to get a bit fed up of work in all honesty, there never seems to be a shift that goes by without some sort of drama. This time we were confronted with a man confused due to infection, who was extremely aggressive. So much so that four security guards were required to be with him at all times. He had one nurse by the throat and punched and kicked others. It was something I’d never seen before. What happened to going to work, treating the patients, then going home?? It’s got to the point where all of our staff are exasperated and our senior nurse has cried twice in the last two weeks out of frustration!

I know this sounds like I hate work but I don’t. I just want to go back to looking after patients without the possibility of being assaulted whilst doing so. Also I suppose I blog when something dramatic happens so this is a sort of one-sided account of things #disclaimer!

Until next time…

EDIT: Just realised this is my 50th post! What a way to mark it with firming my uni choice WAHOO!!


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