Sainties 2k13!!.

That’s right, the uni tour continues! This time I went to a different country where the money looks different (that’s how you know you’re abroad) to Saint Andrews in Scotland. Yes, where Kate and Wills went to uni! It was a fun packed trip as I went to see not one, but two friends from home.

So after a lengthy train journey I arrived and decided to chill with C whilst S did her a food shop as I was quite tired. But we started our food week by having fish and chips. St Andrews is near the sea so it was bound to be tasty and it sure was. One thing I noted though was that Cod was unavailable and they only did haddock, what?!! I then tried the infamous Scottish treat of a deep fried Mars bar, and to my surprise it was nice. The most comparable thing is Domino’s Cookies, they taste very similar and are also very similar in texture. I would actually have a deep fried Mars bar again.

We then returned to halls to get ready for the buzzin’ club life in St. Andrews which comprises of a grand total of 3 clubs, and we chose the one which Prince William was seen attending… The Lizard! Pre drinks occurred and were great, I don’t think I’ll ever live down my answer of ‘Rome’ to a drinking game where we had to list countries… Let’s say the alcohol had hit by then! I would love to hear Prince William’s description of this club but the only way I can describe it is that it’s so bad it’s funny. The DJ is a cross dressing man named Ian who is great and really up for a laugh and I think the highlight of the night was when my friends made him do a shout out for my birthday… I’m not even born in March! It was in a strange way, a fun night but it did get a bit too squished on the dance floor which rumour has it as capacity 40 people… there were a few hundred! A night I’ll never forget!

The next morning I felt like there was sandpaper in my throat and a drummer was playing in my head. So what a better way to recover than pancakes in the cafe where Kate met Wills?!! Cast your eyes over these beauties:

023Hahaha you can see C taking a picture also! These were the best pancakes I have ever eaten and just so good! After, C and I went on a tour of St Andrews and I took some awesome photos, if I may say so myself. They are prospectus worthy – here are a couple:


That evening we decided to give clubbing another go after a stir fry cooked by S. Prinks were not as good as the night before as I still think people were recovering from the previous night but we tried another place called The Vic. It was a more conventional club and really good, but unfortunately the night was cut short.

Another morning, another hangover, another good breakfast, another Scottish food (potato scone):


This was my last full day in Sainties and after brunch S and I returned to C’s to skype friends at home which was fun. We then went down to the pier and I completed the Pier Walk, so essentially I am now a matriculated student YAY!  It was quite scary because on one side there is the sea and the other jagged rock = danger. I managed to walk all the way down it though! This evening we decided to move away from clubbing and continue eating. We went to a great tasty Indian called Maisha, where Boris Johnson once dined, with some of S’ friends, and then walked along the beach in the dark. It was pretty cold so some hot chocolate in C’s kitchen was definitely needed and I got to meet some of his friends who were great, particularly one guy who had some hilarious stories!

What was meant to be an early night turned into quite a late one but in the morning we still all had time to grab some more pancakes mmmm. A lengthy train journey home beckoned but I had a tasty gingerbread man from a bakery to look forward to.

A question asked a few times whilst I was in Sainties was: which is better Cambridge or St Andrews? But they’re both great in their own ways, I would happily study at both!

Hopefully the uni tour will continue!

Until next time…


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