The dreaded high pitched noise…


So after a bit of a heavy post last time, I thought I’d give you an update on both patients. Patient B unfortunately passed away the day after the crash, just as I was leaving the ward. I caught Patient B in the corner of my eye and knew straight away, so popped my bag down, drew the curtains and called the night girls over. Then I returned to work the next day on a late shift and was told that Patient A had passed away in the morning ūüė¶

On another note, I have become a vampire, taking ¬†bloods like they’re going out of fashion. At first I really struggled with venepuncture but I think I’ve now got the hang of it. Today I had to take a man’s blood from a heavily tattooed arm of a jokers face. This meant that I really had to go on my sense of touch rather than sight, and not just ‘go in blind’, aiming for blue, which sometimes is the case¬†when¬†the veins aren’t very good. So I was very pleased with myself when I got it!

However, the dreaded high pitched noise of the crash bell went off again today and we were in the middle of washing a patient. From the bay I was in, you can’t hear the crash bell but a nurse calmly asked ‘Are you free? There’s a crash?’ ‘UM YES!! (within reason you immediately become free in these cases). So I ended up running out of the curtain down the ward, taking off my personal protective ¬†equipment whilst running and placing it in a bin on the way.¬†Shutting¬†all patients curtains then the crash team came and we realised it was a false alarm, a peri peri arrest. So once the man was¬†stabilised he went for scans! These are becoming too frequent for my liking, but I’m starting to feel more comfortable in these situations.

Also another funny thing was one of our had a tattoo of a camel on the big toe! I immediately though of this patient drunk, in a tattoo parlour in Malia or somewhere as seen on ‘Sun, Sex, and¬†Suspicious¬†Parents’ with the intention of using it as a chat up line! ‘I’ll show you my camel toe, if you’ll show me yours!’ Ahahahahahaha

Tomorrow is day 7/8 in terms of shifts, so I’m getting there! It’s an Early so I need to be up at 5.50AM …. it’s now 23.38 hmmm I’m going to be zombified!

This weekend I’m so excited to be continuing the uni tour! I’ll hopefully let you know about my visit sometime next week ūüėÄ

Until then…


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