Oxo 2k13!

The next leg of the uni tour was Oxford! Trinity College to be precise to visit a friend studying history.

I went with a friend from school who hosted Sainties 2k13 and we hopped onto a train to Oxford! After a leisurely stroll through the town (the friend we were visiting thought we were lost) we arrived at Trinity and the food fest started; doughnuts, pretzels and crisps! It became clear that food was going to be the theme for the day as we soon headed for a lovely pub lunch!

The weather had a mind of it’s own. We were walking back to Trinity and all of sudden it rained, and when I say it rained, I mean it rained. I couldn’t open my eyes or see since the droplets were so large, we started running. I think we must have looked quite comical since a tourist took pictures of us! I literally felt like I had been in a shower and could wring the water from my clothes. Wet jeans are horrendous. Once we had dried off, we went on a tour of the college (you can see how fickle the weather is in these pics) – it’s so pretty but why can’t you walk on the grass?!

We then met some of my friend’s college friends and had a great chat. They were very funny (as in amusing) and really nice, but soon it was time for more food! NANDOS was calling mmmm. Please please, if you haven’t been to Nandos, go! After a little break we went to an A-MAY-ZIIING ice cream shop called G and D’s and feasted on a waffle with ice cream, cream, chocolate sauce and sprinkles on – it looked similar to this:

As if that wasn’t enough we then went to a lovely wood panelled pub and had a chat. It was such a lovely day and I didn’t really want to go home but I had work the next day so had to 😦  It was getting late so I thought I’d check train times home, only to find after refreshing the screen that the last train home was in 14 minutes. At this point we realised there was no way in history that we were going to make it to the station but we decided to run down the streets of Oxford anyway! We ended up jumping into a taxi and getting to the platform as the train was pulling in, phew!

This was SUCH a great day and I really enjoyed it. I don’t think I’ve laughed so much, nor eaten so much in a while! A much needed break/distraction away from the emergencies we’ve had on the ward lately.

Until next time…


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