Return to Cambers 2k13

I suppose there is a fair amount of filling in for me to do!

So  after Oxford, I made a return trip to my friend studying at Cambridge! It was really  good fun and I almost felt as if I knew the place and people quite well. We went for a lovely lunch on the first day (my first BBQ of the year), a walk around the college gardens, and on a quick shop for ‘a black vest top’ to wear that evening. I also was able to have another buttery dinner! It was very tasty! Here’s a pic of the gardens, the weather was far better in June than it was last October:

001 019

Once we had lined our stomachs, it was time for prinks (pre-drinks – drinking before going to a party or event). Yes, that’s right, we went out clubbing… on a Sunday. Lola’s was closed unfortunately so no chance of bumping into Cauisman, but we went to Life… I think? It was hilariously bad, only 8 people in there max,  being the group I was with!

The night took another ‘bad’ turn with the Van of Life not serving food after 12am. We arrived at 12.01. So now we had to find another place to fulfil our junk food cravings!

A Beatles tribute finished the night off nicely:
The next morning we woke, got dressed and went on a nice walk towards Grantchester. Much to the surprise of my friends I expect, I really like being in the countryside. I dislike the bugs and flies that come with it, but I find it scenic and somewhat relaxing. The weather was glorious, however, we needed to get back home for dinner with another friend! I know, such a full diary!

A quick recap of my trip but it marks the end of the uni tour 2k12/13! A great uni to end with at that!

Until next time…

P.S. Bare with the blog aesthetics, I’m thinking it’s time for change!


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