So, I have to admit I’ve been pretty bad on the blogging front, but this summer I have been incredibly busy. I guess I’ll just pick up from where I left off.

After going to Cambridge, about a week or so later, I came to the end of my time working at the hospital. I felt like this was the best time to leave in order to still enjoy my summer before uni. My last day wasn’t as emotional as I thought it would be. It was probably one of the busiest shifts I had had in a while. I also had to teach a newbie the ropes, so wouldn’t take it easy like I had planned to.

I had a lovely leaving doooo at a chinese restaurant, mmmm chinese, and then to a pub for drinks. It wasn’t a late one as I had an early shift the next day but it was really nice to have all the team come together and to see everyone in a less stressful environment, all dolled up having a great time. I got given LOADS of prezzies, including a doctors kit and many goodies like in flight wipes and a scrap book for me to use on my travels. I really wasn’t expecting them and felt so spoilt! We also had cake, if any of you work in a hospital you’ll know that it was gone in a flash!!I have loved my time working at the hospital and have met some great people, and have learned so much that I can bring to uni and use as a doctor! I don’t think i’ll ever forget both the good and bad times haha.

After I finished work I had a few days to get packed and ready to go to Amsterdam. In my typical style, I decided to use this time going out for lunches with friends instead of packing. It came to the day before we set off and I hadn’t packed, I was still washing clothes and didn’t have important documents like Travel Insurance sorted. That night I stayed up and just worked so hard to get everything done. The next day however, I woke up so tired and fatigued that I was considering staying in bed rather than going to Amsterdam.

Of course I didn’t’ stay in bed because I LOVE going to the airport. It’s so much fun! I love the big open space, the process of checking in (when there isn’t a queue as long as the Great Wall of China), and the whole excitement of things. The flight itself was pretty short, but fun, and British Airways do the best chocolate chip cookies EVER.


Amsterdam is one of the most interesting cities I’ve ever been to.  I went with 7 girls and, in line with our stereotype, there was drama. Once we had gotten over that blip I had such a good time. Europe is incredible and this trip has really wet my appetite for travelling. I just LOVE it. I felt so lucky to be able to take in the sights and experiences. My favourite parts no doubt were clubbing in a renovated church called Paridiso. It was AMAZING. I’m not so much of a fan of clubbing because of the drum and bass remixes of songs.  haha I sound like a granny! However, Paridiso’s DJ had it spot on; play a song on loud in its entirity right until the end, no remixes. It was incredible and I loved how there were so many rooms all hooked up to the main speakers, so you didn’t like you were missing out going to the loo when your favourite song came on.

A few pics:
IMG_0844 IMG_0845


Another highlight was going to Anne Frank’s House. This was a truly eye opening experience. I just couldn’t believe how many of them were able to stay in such an enclosed spaced with no light allowed in. I found it quite claustrophobic and I was there for an hour or so, imagine months and months of it! I also loved the Zoo and the Palace and EVERYTHING!! I had the BEST time!

1045240_10200319636968979_1020344189_nLook at this cutie ❤


264421_10200319588847776_1475023602_n A beautiful city!

970400_10200319591087832_1320468846_nThey had a district for street artists to do their work. It was so cool, and meant that the rest of the city was nearly graffiti free.


After Amsterdam, I returned to the UK to participate in Race for Life for Cancer Research UK.  Now, I admit I’m quite a lazy person who likes relaxing, and running is not my thing in the slightest. So 5km seemed very daunting. I trained erratically for a few weeks and surprised myself when I completed it in under 30 mins. It just goes to show that when you put your mind to something, you really can achieve it!

For the rest of the summer I’ve been spending as much time with family and friends as I can before uni.  Here is a few pics of what I got up to:


I’ve taken full advantage of the heatwave the UK has been blessed with and headed to Sandbanks beach with friends! It was a glorious day despite it taking us 4 hrs to get there!


I visited Windsor Castle with my family!


Spent LOTS of time in London, visiting the sights. Particularly after the Royal Baby hysteria!


Spent a day at a Spa for my birthday. It was blissfuly relaxing!

This summer has been so much fun, and I can’t believe I’m soon to be going to medical school. Less than two weeks ARRGGHH!!

I hope this post makes up for lost time! I have lots more to tell you in the next few days, so keep heading back!

Until next time…


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