Am I too young for this?..

So I haven’t blogged in nearly two months but in these months everything has been very routine. Go to work, come home, eat, sleep. Repeat following day. In March however my friends did return from uni for Easter and we had a good catch up, including going to restaurants and cafes, having a stir fry night which […]

Round up!

Hello there, well I haven’t blogged in a while… So when I last blogged I just came off of a night shift and decided to go to my Dad’s for some R and R. It was really good to have a change of scenery and what was even better was that I was able to […]

Tonight we’re drinking from the bottle

Welcome to 2013!!! Happy New Year, and I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas!! When I last wrote to you all I was just about to go to two friends’ joint birthday and Christmas party. It was a good night full of crazy antics which was refreshing after not going out in so long! I think I’ve seriously made […]