The end of my Gap Year :(

Brace yourselves, this is a long one!! Hello! Here I am, writing a post that a year ago, when I started this blog, seemed donkeys years away. I’ve come to the end of my Gap Year and start university in less than two weeks! Reading back on my first posts, it seems I aimed to write […]

more news…

British weather is so unpredictable. Today it felt like Summer was creeping up on us; clear blue sky, sun shining, and a cool breeze. So what did I decide to do? That’s right, go jogging, twice. Over 2 miles in total with my ‘time to get funky’ headphones on blaring the beats of Calvin Harris. So Lent […]

Round up!

Hello there, well I haven’t blogged in a while… So when I last blogged I just came off of a night shift and decided to go to my Dad’s for some R and R. It was really good to have a change of scenery and what was even better was that I was able to […]