The end of my Gap Year :(

Brace yourselves, this is a long one!! Hello! Here I am, writing a post that a year ago, when I started this blog, seemed donkeys years away. I’ve come to the end of my Gap Year and start university in less than two weeks! Reading back on my first posts, it seems I aimed to write […]

Tonight we’re drinking from the bottle

Welcome to 2013!!! Happy New Year, and I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas!! When I last wrote to you all I was just about to go to two friends’ joint birthday and Christmas party. It was a good night full of crazy antics which was refreshing after not going out in so long! I think I’ve seriously made […]

“Hello, HCA speaking…”

So I’m officially a working member of the NHS! No more observing, letting someone else deal with the issue. I’m now on the front-line of healthcare and from what I’ve experienced so far, I really enjoy it! OK, so I don’t know where to find anything, what needs doing, or when it needs doing. But if someone puts me on the […]